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At PMV Built, we want our clients to get the best value for money. That’s why we take considerable time and care in quoting a new project, to avoid any unnecessary changes, disputes, or costs.


Given there is a considerable amount of time and effort that goes into the preparation of a detailed building proposal, we charge a nominal fee to complete this service. The process of creating a detailed quote will vary depending on the size of your project however, we follow a simple process to ensure the end product meets your vision and budget.

Our process

Step 1. An introduction to the project and a summary overview of the plans prior to a site visit.


Step 2. Site visit with client and/or architect.

This is where we get to know you and your project, discuss timeframe, your budget and project feasibility.


Step 3. Provide you with a preliminary estimate; an approximate costing of the project based on a square metre rate and our experience on similar projects. Please note, this does not include a bill of quantities or us contacting relevant trades and suppliers for prices.


Step 4. Begin the quoting process.


If you wish to engage our team to provide you with a comprehensive quote, we charge a fee to complete the quote. This fee will depend on the estimated length and complexity of your project but is deducted from the final contract price if you choose to build with us.


Step 5. We contact relevant subcontractors and suppliers for prices, and quantify expected labour and material costs, any permits, and other costs associated with your project.


Step 6. Provide you with a comprehensive quote including price and detailed scope of works. We will meet with you to present the quote and go through any questions you may have. This is where we can revise the project scope and make any changes you wish so that the design fits within your budget.


Step 7. On acceptance we provide a Master Builders fixed price contract for the client.


While we charge a small fee for quoting, the final document is yours and we’re confident you will find our process comprehensive, transparent and fair.


If you would like to engage our team to discuss a project, get in touch with us.

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